What we do in our free strategy sessions?

T. Bilich


We provide value in our strategy sessions three ways:


1. We take you seriously. You will talk with our CEO, Ted Bilich, who brings more than 25 years of business counseling experience to the conversation. He’s served on six nonprofit boards, counseled some of the most innovative businesses and nonprofits in the United States, taught at Georgetown Law School, and presented and guest-lectured around the world. (Learn more about Ted here.)

2. We help you prepare. Before the call, we ask questions to make every minute of the session count. Before the strategy session, you complete a very brief (5-minute) questionnaire to focus your attention – and ours. These brief questions identify where you stand on risk management and provide ideas for how you can improve, even if you don’t hire Risk Alternatives. We also identify how you feel about different processes in your organization, so that we can reflect together on your strengths and weaknesses. Finally, we ask you to identify specific questions that most interest you about dealing with threats and opportunities and improving your team’s processes. We spend our session talking about what’s important to you.

3. You finish with new ideas. We guarantee the 15 minutes you spend with Ted will leave you with new ideas to make your team stronger. Furthermore, if Ted identifies additional resources that can help you, we send those along as well. For free.

So please register for your free strategy session. Call us at 703.652.5659 or contact us online.  We commit to make the process valuable for you every step of the way.