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Here’s our latest installment of tools you might want to use to make risk management tasks easier and more effective.

Continuing our focus this month on opportunities, here we discuss networking tools that you can use to grow your organization.

Is your organization taking advantage of the opportunities that LinkedIn provides?  LinkedIn is a powerful tool that organizations can use to boost growth.  If you are looking for ways to drive more LinkedIn traffic to your blog, this article from Quick Sprout is a must-read.

Rapportive is a gmail plugin that allows you to see the LinkedIn information of contacts without leaving your inbox.  For more information, read these frequently asked questions.

Vibe is similar to Rapportive, but it allows you to see the social media information of contacts on all platforms.  For more information, watch this video.

Although there are a lot of opportunities to network virtually, sometimes meeting face-to-face can make an impact when it comes to building relationships.  Dr. Richard D. Arvey, a psychologist and professor at the National University of Singapore, wrote a very informative white paper called “Why Face-to-Face Business Meetings Matter.”  Check out this simple tool called Let’s Lunch.  It is a networking tool that helps schedule face-to-face meetings.  Sign up on the website or download the app (it’s free).



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