Tools for Tasks 0029

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Here’s our latest installment of tools you might want to use to make risk management tasks easier and more effective.  In keeping with this month’s theme of building awareness about threats and opportunities, these links focus on resources to help startups think about risk management.

Start Up Lawyer is a blog focused on legal advice and articles for startups.  As a startup, it is important to educate yourself on legal matters.  Browse topics and learn how to use this valuable resource.

Duck Tape Marketing is John Jantsch’s blog for startup and small business marketing.  Learn more by watching this introduction video and access their free library of eBooks, podcasts and more.

Convince and Convert is Jay Baer’s marketing blog.  Read more about Jay and his new book: Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers, which is scheduled to be released March 2016.

Startup Stash offers resources and tools for startups.  Browse their directory and follow them on twitter @startupstash

Risk Alternatives helps startups identify and deal with threats and opportunities.  Schedule a free strategy session with CEO Ted Bilich and start the risk management process today.


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