Tools for Tasks 0011

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Here’s our latest installment of tools you might want to use to make risk management tasks easier and more effective.

Are you looking for some good mind mapping and brainstorming tools?  Mind mapping helps your organization spark amazing ideas through brainstorming sessions.



According to this survey, executives who started using mind mapping software were able to juggle more complex projects and work significantly faster than before.  Here are a few of the top mind mapping software tools:

FreeMind is a bare-bones tool that works well for on-the-fly mindmapping.

Many people swear by XMind. It has both free and professional versions.

You have seen examples of SimpleMind mindmaps on this blog. This inexpensive tool is great for quick maps on iPhone and Android devices.

The Brain is a great, sophisticated mind-mapping tool for Windows, Linux, and Mac.   There are two versions: Free and Pro.   Learn The Brain in 10 minutes with this tutorial.

Topicscape is another mind mapping tool with a twist.   They have a very unique approach to information organization: 3D.  In the Pro version, you can import mind maps from The Brain, FreeMind, and other mind mapping tools and convert them into 3D maps.  These screenshots illustrate the different ways you can use Topicscape.

ConceptDraw MindMap is a very powerful project management and mapping tool.  If your organization is looking for a tool with more options, ConceptDraw might be a good fit.  Browse through their Sample Page and learn how to use Concept Draw for creating infographics, business diagrams, and more.


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