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Here’s our latest installment of tools you might want to use to make risk management and process improvement tasks easier and more effective.

Need to find mental space in which to brainstorm responses to threats and opportunities? Do you ever feel stuck? Try thinking visually.  As noted in Henning Nelms’s classic Thinking with a Pencil, visual thinking can help simplify, communicate, and generate ideas.

Here are two visual thinking tools that may help:

Lucidchart is visual collaboration tool that makes drawing diagrams and creating charts fast and easy.  Watch these tutorials to see the potential benefits.

Get your creative juices flowing with – a social drawing tool available for desktop, iPhone, and iPad. As noted by Sunni Brown, author of The Doodle Revolution, doodles can serve many purposes:

“I use doodling for a variety of reasons: I use it to get clarity around a concept, I use it to relax, I use it to communicate ideas with others and get their refinement of them, I use it to map complex systems for companies, I use it to run innovation games for business, and I use it to get insight on something puzzling me.” can be used for undirected brainstorming, but it can also be used to share basic concepts among team members. In short, it can simplify complex tasks.


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