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Here’s our latest installment of free or low-cost tools that can be used for risk management:

FreeMind, XMind, or SimpleMind – I mindmap constantly because it provides clarity for visual learners, and clarity is essential for risk management. I switch back and forth among these three programs depending on what platform I’m using at the time (and how robust I need my mindmaps to be). Lately I’ve been using SimpleMind, as some of the graphics on our blog show.

GTD-Free – We are fans of David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology, which helps one develop a process for personal and business productivity. This program provides a bare-bones tool for using GTD.

Dia – Need to make a diagram? Of course you do. A diagram can help you clarify and simplify your processes. Dia can help. It’s so easy that even a 51-year-old can use it.

Do you use any other tools for mindmapping, implementing GTD, or drawing diagrams? If so, please share your recommendations in the comments.

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