Tools for Tasks 0002

tools graphicsIn this post, we raise three more free or low-cost online tools we have used at Risk Alternatives to make our lives and businesses run more effectively, whether for risk management or continuous process improvement.

Toggl – If you run a small organization that bills according to time, you really ought to be looking at Toggl. Even if you don’t run by the billable hour (and congratulations if you don’t), having your team use Toggl for a week or two every few months can provide tremendous clarity for your operations.

Evernote – If you use Evernote effectively, you can dramatically increase your personal and team productivity. The key is having a system, and this tutorial by Michael Hyatt provides a great entry point.

Cerego – Want to learn something? Go to Cerego and prepare to be very interested. This website and its apps helps you learn the way brains like to learn.

Do you have any ideas for tools that busy nonprofit and startup owners would want to try? If so, provide your ideas in the comments.

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