When One Nonprofit Falters, Others Feel It


When a nonprofit falters, that affects much more than the organization itself. Last year, Goodwill Omaha suffered a high-profile series of press stories about alleged mismanagement. Now, as a recent Nonprofit Quarterly article (linked below) describes, the consequences are impacting not only Goodwill Omaha, but others:

Goodwill [Omaha] has cut its workforce by more than 15 percent in the past year, from 630 employees to between 515 and 520— probably because, as she also revealed, donations and sales have dropped off so significantly that the group is apparently still running a deficit despite the cuts.

Beyond reduction in workforce and reduction in community services, Goodwill may be forced to pay property tax on its thrift stores. And this, in turn, is leading to calls to tax Habitats for Humanity and the Salvation Army.

In other words, governance and responsibility matter. Not just for your organization, but for organizations like yours.


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