“Compliance” Is Not Saying “No.” It’s Developing an Instinctive “Yes”


Tom Volkov, one of the leading bloggers and thinkers on legal compliance, emphasizes a powerful point about why companies and teams need to focus on ethics and compliance:

[T]he power of ethics and compliance is maximized when the message is a positive one – we promote a compliance of ethics and compliance to ensure stability of the organization, positive beliefs in the purpose and leadership of our organization, and the sustainability of our organization to benefit all the stakeholders – shareholders, managers, employees and everyone who depends on our company. If this is the mantra of your company, you should be a happy executive, manager or employee.

If your organization views compliance as saying no — as telling you what you can’t do — look deeper at your culture. Effective compliance and ethics programs build organizations in which teams can operate with substantial flexibility and creativity because they know, inherently, what to do.

We will be focusing on compliance this month. I hope you find it interesting.


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