The RIPE Solution – Find Your Low-Hanging Fruit

Do you want to do a better job of identifying and addressing threats and opportunities, so that your limited resources can go further? Here’s a way to gain clarity, peace of mind, and value from risk management without making a significant commitment of time or resources. For dramatically less money than you think, you can actually improve operations, reduce threats, and grow revenues by finding new sources of opportunity.

Our Risk Identification, Prioritization, and Execution Solution includes individual coaching sessions to train you in basic risk management tools and processes, plus unlimited phone support for your personnel regarding risk management, governance, and other matters that require no additional analyst work. You gain the following benefits:

Tools, resources, and hands-on training. Your organization learns how to make identification of threats and opportunities a powerful and routine part of daily operations. You get cutting-edge tools and resources to make this process easy.

Peace of mind. By learning how to identify and deal with threats before they become crises and how to develop initiatives before they pass you by, you gain comfort that your organization is maximizing its use of resources.

Value. By implementing risk management, our clients find opportunities to prevent losses, reduce costs, and unlock new sources of revenue.

Sounding board and advice. Risk Alternatives doesn’t leave you after your training ends. Instead, you can call on our team to talk through problems as your operations unfold and new issues arise. You have a help desk for threats and opportunities

Making improvement a habit — at your pace. New initiatives take time and commitment to gain results and become part of your routine. With Risk Alternatives’ RIPE Solution, we are with you every step of the way.

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Advanced Solutions

Does your organization know the risks it faces? Does it have processes in place to ensure long-term sustainability and foster growth?  Do you need to improve the way to identify and address threats and opportunities? Risk Alternatives provides tailored solutions to help you come to terms with existing issues and build out new initiatives.

Clarity Solutions

  • Provide a holistic look at the risks – both threats and opportunities – facing your organization.
  • Evaluate current risk management efforts to provide a baseline for measuring improvement.
  • Provide a prioritized “punch list” of high-value initiatives to reduce threats, develop opportunities, increase effectiveness, grow revenues, and increase resiliency, sustainability, and peace of mind.
  • Identify and integrate core values into all aspects of an organization.

Sustainability/Scalability Solutions

  • Implement tools and procedures that make risk management a routine part of operations, so that leadership, management, and staff own threats and opportunities and take appropriate steps to address them.
  • Document and simplify processes to get information out of your team’s heads and into formats that create long-lasting sources of knowledge and continuous improvement.
  • Specify lines of authority and responsibility, so the right people are doing the right jobs.

Improvement Solutions

  • Provide hands-on assistance to solve problems, tackle threats, develop and test opportunities, and develop compliance safeguards.
  • Host customized workshops and training to raise awareness about managing opportunities and threats, explain risk management, governance, and compliance as best practices, identify potential returns on investment, and address leadership and team roles in building effective programs.

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