Podcast Episode 9: Are Female Entrepreneurs Different? A Podcast Interview with Karen Bate of KB Concepts and Awesome Women Entrepreneurs

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We are starting something new in our About Risk podcasts: interviews with thought leaders about important aspects of risk management and process improvement for nonprofits, small businesses, and startups. Our first guest in this series is Karen Bate, founder and Chief Executive Officer of KBConcepts PR in Arlington Virginia. Karen is a natural connector — in fact, she has founded a networking group for female entrepreneurs called Awesome Women Entrepreneurs.

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In this interview, Risk Alternatives CEO Ted Bilich’s questions include the following:

About Female Entrepreneurs:

How do you think female entrepreneurs differ from male entrepreneurs?

How do you think those differences benefit female entrepreneurs?

Do you think the differences create any risks for female entrepreneurs – anything that they have to be especially concerned about?

About AWE:

Tell my why you started Awesome Women Entrepreneurs.

What sorts of programs have you offered so far through AWE?

Is AWE a for-profit venture for you?

What’s something about AWE that you wish someone would ask you about?

About Purpose-Driven Organizations:

I know KB Concepts is purpose-driven. Do you think that purpose-driven organizations have an advantage in today’s marketplace? (In response, Karen referred to a blog post on the KBConcepts blog. That post  may be found here: How Doing Good Improves Your Bottom Line.)

For More Information:

Karen’s business may be found on the web at KBConcepts.com. She can be found on Twitter at @KBConceptsPR.

Arlington Women Entrepreneurs (now also known as Awesome Women Entrepreneurs) can be found here.


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