More Resources On Why Small Businesses Fail

town-sign-96612_1280We’re not the only ones identifying risks for start-ups and small businesses. Following up on our previous post, here are other useful recent articles and resources addressing the same topic:

Paul Graham’s excellent blog post, George Deeb’s entry in the Forbes Entrepreneur blog, and David Skok’s blog post on identify and discuss many of the issues we listed in our post on small business challenges. Jay White also has a typically pithy and astute post on his terrific blog “Dumb Little Man” about some of the pitfalls new entrepreneurs must avoid.

This piece from the New York Times “You’re The Boss” blog discusses Professor Noam Wasserman’s book The Founder’s Dilemmas. In that book, Professor Wasserman provides reports on exhaustive research he performed into the major quandaries that can cause start-ups to founder.

Finally, this infographic, from Business Insider, describes differences among thriving and failing start-ups.

Your Turn. Have you seen other useful recent discussions of the challenges faced by start-ups and small businesses? If so, let us know in the comments. As promised, we will discuss proper risk management to address these risks in future posts.

Also, please share this post if you found it useful. We are out to change how organizations think about risk management, and we need your help.


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