Sharing Others’ Content? Be Ethical About It

If you are curating the content of others, make sure you do it ethically.

I strongly believe that the greatest compliment one can give to another writer is to direct other readers to his work. We do it regularly on this blog, because we think our readers want to be aware of the best materials on the internet, whether we create them or not.

As we do it, we try to be mindful that curating doesn’t mean copying. We strive to direct readers to the other work, rather than quoting so much of the work here that a reader doesn’t travel to the other site. After all, the person who wrote the material should get the primary traffic.

In that spirit, Pawan Deshpande provides an excellent checklist for ethical content curation, as provided in the link below. Following his 10 points will increase the likelihood that your curation will draw the praise of authors, rather than their ire.

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