Best Blogs to Follow for Nonprofits

keyboard-648440_1280Here at Risk Alternatives, we read voraciously to keep abreast of best practices and provide as much value as possible to our customers. We’re often asked what blogs we follow most closely. For our nonprofit customers, the answer is clear:

Beth’s Blog – Beth Kanter has 30 years of experience counseling nonprofits, and she shares her insights generously and cogently. Her blog ranges from social media, to network building, to marketing, to capacity building.

Stanford Social Innovation Review – This site provides accessible articles from experts in social change management.

Social Velocity – Nell Edgington provides tips and tools about how nonprofits can, in her words, be “more strategic, more sustainable, more engaged, more invested, and above all creat[e] more social change in our communities.” Her blog lives up to that promise.

Put these sources in your RSS feed. Read their articles. You will find them to be extremely valuable.

Now it’s your turn. What other blogs should nonprofit leaders read? Provide your suggestions in the comments. Also, please share this post if you found it useful.


  1. claire axelrad 04/15/2015 Reply

    These are all great blogs. I follow them too! I hope you’ll check out and let me know what you think. 🙂

    • Author
      Ted Bilich 04/15/2015 Reply

      Thanks for sharing, Claire. We’re definitely checking out, too. – Ted

  2. Liat Behr 05/07/2015 Reply

    Great post, Ted. Thanks! All the blogs you mention are great – we especially love Beth’s Blog. And here’s a list of our favorites!

    • Author
      Ted Bilich 05/07/2015 Reply

      Excellent choices, Liat. Thanks for sharing, and please let us know when you see other great content.

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