November: Giving Thanks for Awareness

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The theme for our blog this November is being thankful for awareness. We will focus on the first step in the risk management cycle: identifying threats and opportunities. Throughout the month, we will talk about the identification process, particularly about questions to ask when inventorying threats and opportunities in different functional areas. We will also provide resources and perspectives on how to make this first step in risk management most effective.

Let’s begin November, however, with thanks for awareness.

Let’s be thankful for being able to change our approach to being proactive, instead of reactive.DeathtoStock_SlowDown1

Let’s be thankful for simple processes that can enhance our ability to remain nimble in the face of uncertainty.

Let’s be thankful that these processes do not have to add to our burdens, but in fact can make us dramatically more effective.

Let’s be thankful that, working as a team, we can effectively identify threats and opportunities better than we can on our own.

Let’s be thankful that we can reach out to our connections for advice about threats and opportunities BEFORE they become crises (and let’s remember that we should be careful about “free” professional services).

Let’s be thankful that we can put contingency plans in place to protect the organization in the event of mishaps and problems.

IMG_1719Let’s be thankful that most threats and most opportunities are inside the organization, so that we can actually improve over time. In other words, rather than being the victims of uncontrollable outside forces, we are in control of our success and failure.

In short, let’s be thankful for the fact that when the unexpected occurs, we have the chance to pivot, respond, and move forward.

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