Podcast Episode 10: Are You Ready for a Virtual Assistant? A Podcast Interview with Katie Miller, Founder of Assistant Match


Thinking about using a virtual assistant? In this interview, Risk Alternatives CEO Ted Bilich talks with Katie Miller, founder of Assistant Match, who is an expert on creating effective VPA relationships.

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Questions during the interview include the following:

About VPAs:

What’s a virtual assistant?

Are virtual assistants only serving in secretarial or administrative roles?

Who’s a typical user of virtual assistant services?

About Assistant Match:

You founded Assistant Match in 2007. What can you tell us about the growth of Assistant Match over time?

How many of your people on your team are virtual, Katie?

What something you know now about starting a business that you wish you’d known back in 2007?

What something about Assistant Match that you wish people knew but they never ask?

About VPA Users:

Could you tell us about the sorts of organizations that use VPAs from Assistant Match?

What is the buyer persona of an ideal prospect for your company?

Do you have nonprofits who use Assistant Match virtual personal assistants?

Can you tell us whether nonprofits have experienced any unusual issues relative to other users of your virtual personal assistants?

Using a VPA:

If someone were just starting out using a virtual assistant, how would you advise them to get the most out of that relationship?

Do you have resources on your website or otherwise that you would point people to?

What if someone wants to use Assistant Match? How should they get started

Objections to VPAs:

What would you say to the person who says that their uncomfortable using a VPA because they can’t watch to make sure that there actually working?

What would you say to the person who says that they are worried about using a VPA because they’ve never done something like that before?

What about those who would worry that it’s expensive to bring on a VPA?

What about someone who says that they’re worried about what would happen if they had a problem with the VPA they’ve brought on?

Do you hear any other standard objections Katie when you talk to prospects who are thinking about hiring a VPA?

Risks of Using VPAs:

What are some of the risks associated with using VPAs?

How would you respond to avoid each of those risks?

Final Inquiry:

What is something about Katie Miller that you wish people knew but they never ask?


For More Information:

Assistant Match is located on the internet at AssistantMatch.com. Katie Miller can be found on Twitter at @AssistantMatch.


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