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Ted’s mission is to foster stronger communities by building sustainable nonprofits and healthy, scalable startups. According to those who have attended his speeches, presentations, and lectures, Ted is an “outstanding” communicator.  His “command of the subject matter is superb,” and he has a “very effective and clear presentation style.”

Ted's Most Requested Topics

What are the emerging risks facing nonprofits, and what practical steps can your organization take now to manage those threats and opportunities? Nonprofits function in an increasingly complex social and economic environment. Ted narrows in on those timely, hidden-in-the-headlines, critical risks that nonprofits can address now to increase their resilience and dramatically enhance their likelihood of success.

What are the hidden risks facing startups, and how can simple, actionable processes dramatically improve a startup’s chance of success? Entrepreneurs are risk takers, but many take unnecessary risks of which they are not even aware. Why make it harder than it already is? This presentation emphasizes the tools and hacks entrepreneurs can use to multiply the business value of their startup.

How does an organization or community foster social capital – the bonds that allow people to do things together that they cannot accomplish separately? This presentation explains how organizations and communities thrive when they can develop social capital, and provides simple, actionable steps to enable dramatic transformation.

Other favorite topics include:

Is risk a dirty word? This presentation explains that uncertainty is a fact of life. Risks includes both threats and opportunities. The “risk-nimble” organization deals with this reality by setting up simple processes that help the entire team deal with threats and opportunities in ways that make the organization thrive.

Are you a dodo or dolphin? Teams and individuals can deal with risk by pretending it doesn’t exist. That didn’t work so well for the dodo, and it doesn’t work any better in the modern business environment. Risk-nimble organizations take a different approach, like the dolphin. They gather information from many different sources, identify threats and opportunities, deal with them, shift the risks they can, and always seek to improve. The simple lesson? Be a dolphin, not a dodo.

Is your nonprofit board fulfilling its risk management obligations? Nonprofit boards have good hearts, but they often are not aware of their critical role in the risk management process. Ted explains in simple terms what a nonprofit board can do today to fulfill its obligations and build a more vibrant, healthy nonprofit.

About Ted

Ted Bilich is the CEO of Risk Alternatives LLC, located in Arlington, Virginia.  Risk Alternatives works with nonprofits and entrepreneurial organizations to help them identify and address threats and opportunities, confront challenges, and put processes and systems in place to achieve their goals.

Ted has more than 25 years of experience counseling organizations about how to simplify and deal with complex issues. Before founding Risk Alternatives, Ted was a Distinguished Visiting Professor from Practice at Georgetown University Law Center. At Georgetown, his research focused on complex dispute resolution, rule structures, risk management, governance, and compliance. Before that, Ted served for more than 20 years with the Washington DC office of the international law firm of Jones Day.  He represented clients in successful high-profile lawsuits and investigations involving securities laws, consumer credit, consumer fraud, mass tort, environmental, and other issues. He also has served on the boards of many nonprofits, governmental commissions, and committees.

Ted has lectured, presented, and consulted on risk management, board governance, civic engagement, ethics, and numerous other issues. He is the coauthor of three editions of a leading law school casebook on class actions and other multi-party litigation. He received his B.A. in economics summa cum laude from Wake Forest University, and his J.D. cum laude from Harvard Law School.

Summary of Experience:

  • More than 25 years of experience counseling clients on complex business and dispute-resolution issues, including risk management, governance, and compliance challenges.
  • More than 25 years of combined service on non-profit boards, associational committees, and government commissions.
  • More than a decade offering risk management training, counseling, and research.
  • More than 15 years of experience in teaching, including designing classes, teaching large and small groups, developing active learning environments, and counseling learners to incorporate lessons into their everyday activities.

What participants say about Ted

  • Bilich's "command of the subject matter is superb, he is an encouraging discussion leader, and he is open to comments . . . ."
  • Bilich is “outstanding.”
  • "Ted Bilich is a compelling and informative presenter on risk analysis and risk management.  Ted takes complicated and arcane subject matter and makes it easy to understand and digest into actionable steps.  Whether your organization has a highly organized risk management function or is just starting out, Ted’s presentation and information can be highly useful to developing appropriate risk management techniques and best practices."  
  • “[T]ruly one-of-a-kind. [Ted] makes really complex [issues] extremely interesting and brings an enthusiasm to each subject which makes the subject matter engaging and easy to understand.”
  • Bilich is "fantastic. He has an amazing command of the material and presents in a very straightforward, understandable way."