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Small Businesses. We have affordable solutions for established small businesses. Using “lean” methodology and risk management insights, Risk Alternatives can help you put systems and processes in place to make your organization more nimble, valuable, and saleable.  We offer training, support, and resources that will increase your team’s agility in complex, fast-moving business environments. Our solutions can enhance the value of your business while helping you sleep better at night.

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Startups. If you are a startup, we can provide a brainstorming session with Risk Alternatives CEO Ted Bilich. If you want further help, we can discuss alternative funding, including equity arrangements.

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“If you founded and built your own company, you undoubtedly are the most visionary, experienced, and skilled person on your entire staff. But if your company depends on you for survival, it is not worth very much without you, and there is no way you can exit.” Richard G. Stieglitz and Stuart H. Sorkin, Expensive Money Mistakes When Buying & Selling Companies (2010), at 30.”